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Model P- 350
Heavy Duty Locomotive and Industrial Oil Filter Crusher

The Model P-350 is the largest of our production-run oil filter crushers. It is built to specifically address the needs of railroad customers and will crush up to three 36" locomotive oil filters per cycle. The Model P-350 can also be used to crush large, specialty oil filters from ships and heavy equipment. The P-350 will also crush multiple 5 gallon paint cans per cycle.

A drained 36" locomotive oil filter is crushed down to 6" and yields 3/4 gallon of used oil

Model P-350 Locomotive Oil Filter Crusher
Key Benefits
Continuous duty operation - Automatic push button control
Horizontal design for easy loading and unloading
Hydraulically operated filter discharge door
Overall Height 44"
Overall Width 44"
Overall Depth 109"
Shipping Weight 3,000 lbs
Cycle Time 1 minute 57 seconds
Cavity Size 40"w x 15"d x 15"h
Electrical 208-230v., 15 amp., single phase
Crushing Force 70,650 lbs

Locomotive Oil Filter and
Waste Oil after Crushing

Popular Options
50 Hz motor for international markets
Explosion-proofing (Class 1, Division 2)

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