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In Georgia, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin, Canada and The United Kingdom, please contact our Stocking Distributors:

Reliable Hydraulics, Inc.
(770) 432-5410

(800) 886-8815

Mile-X Equipment, Inc.
(419) 678-3818
(800) 837-3818

Halron Lubricants, Inc.
Green Bay:
(920) 436-4000
(800) 236-5845

Wisconsin Rapids:
(715) 423-8767
(800) 842-5766

Industrial Diesel Products, Inc.
(905) 362-0423

United Kingdom
Overton (UK) Ltd


Transportation, Recycling & Purchasing Resources

Transportation Links

http://www.erailxchange.com - Rail industry web site with news and e-commerce opportunities

http://www.raildir.com/railyard/index.htm - Links to rail industry suppliers

http://www.noln.net/home.html - Online version of National Oil & Lube News magazine

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Pollution, Environment & Recycling Links

http://www.noranews.org - National Association of Responsible Recyclers encouraging the recycling of used oil, anti-freeze, oil filters & absorbents, parts cleaning, wastewater & chemicals

http://www.recycle.net - Recycler's World Home Page. Information related to secondary or recyclable commodities, by-products, used & surplus items or materials

http://www.pollutiononline.com - On line community for pollution industry professionals

http://www.noraoil.com - National Oil Recyclers Association

http://www.epa.gov - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

http://www.filtercouncil.org - Filter Manufacturers Council. Information about how to recycle used oil filters including a searchable database of companies that transport and/or process filters

http://www.rimbach.com/home/penpage/pen.htm - Pollution Equipment News. Product news and information on hazardous waste, air, and wastewater

http://www.recycle-steel.org - The Steel Recycling Institute

http://www.swana.org - Solid Waste Association of North America

Purchasing Resources

http://www/gsaadvantage.gov - GSA Advantage web site. On line shopping for the Federal Government

http://www2.thomasregister.com - The Thomas Register Online. A searchable database of over 150,000 American manufacturers

http://www.thomasregional.com - The Thomas Regional Directory Online. Search for industrial suppliers located in your region


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