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The Model D-60 is a dual purpose machine. It can be used to compact waste inside the drum or to crush the empty drum itself. By compacting waste into the drum you can realize dramatic savings in handling and disposal fees by getting up to 80% more material into each drum.

Typical waste products that our customers are compacting into drums include paint booth air filters, shop rags, cartridge-style oil filters, low-level radioactive waste, laboratory garments, absorbent materials, metal, and plastic containers, and glassware.

Alternatively, you may have a lot of used drums that you need to dispose of. The Model D-60 will crush a 55-gallon drum down to 4″ in height greatly reducing storage space requirements and transport fees. The Model D-60 will crush drums up to 85 gallons in size.

Popular Options

50 Hz motor for international markets
Explosion-proofing (Class 1, Division 2)


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 Crushes a 55-gallon drum down to 4″ in height, also crushes 85-gallon drums.

 Quick change platen for easy conversion between drum crushing and in-drum compacting.

 Fully automatic, one-button operation.

 Large feed opening facilitates material feeding when compacting in the drum.

 Heavy-duty construction – all structural components are made of at least 3/8″ steel.

 Unique reverse orientation, dual cylinder design virtually eliminates the possibility of bent rods.

Overall Height (retracted) 79″
Overall Height (extended) 117″
Overall Width 42″
Overall Depth 54″
Shipping Weight 2,300 lbs
Cycle Time 60 seconds
Chamber Size 30″w x 30″d x 48″h
Motor* 10 hp, 3 phase, 208v-240v-480v
Cylinders Two 4″ x 48″ stroke
Crushing Force 60,000 lbs

*Optional Motor 1 hp, single phase, 208v-230v

*Cycle time with optional 1 hp motor is 4 minutes

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