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Drum Crushers by OBERG® Filter Crushers

The Model D-60 flattens 55-gallon drums to approximately 1/7th of their original height.

The operation process is simple, as follows:

  1. Open DC door and insert drum
  2. Close and secure DC door
  3. Switch controls “ON”
  4. Press-and-release “START” button (this causes the platen to descend against the drum, flatten it, ascend to its top position, and then shut off)
  5. Open door and remove the crushed drum.

It is possible to crush drums to a slightly lower finished height by leaving a drum or two in the chamber before adding a new uncrushed drum.  However, any additional crushing will be minimal and not worth the effort.  Also, having multiple drums in the chamber at the same time may cause the drums to slip on each other and possibly lead to damage or injury.  Therefore, this practice is not recommended.

In the event that manual control of the movement of the platen is required, depressing the “STOP” button enables the “UP/DOWN” control to function on a “dead-man” basis.

The D-60 Drum Crusher does not compact within the drum or handle 85 gallon drums.

Popular Options

50 Hz motor for international markets
Explosion-proofing (Class 1, Division 2)


Please call for information about price and availability.

Crushes a 55-gallon drum down to 4″ in height.

 Fully automatic, one-button operation.

 Large feed opening facilitates material feeding when compacting in the drum.

 Heavy-duty construction – all structural components are made of at least 3/8″ steel.

 Unique reverse orientation, dual cylinder design virtually eliminates the possibility of bent rods.

Overall Height (retracted) 79″
Overall Height (extended) 117″
Overall Width 42″
Overall Depth 54″
Shipping Weight 2,300 lbs
Cycle Time 60 seconds
Chamber Size 30″w x 30″d x 48″h
Motor* 10 hp, 3 phase, 208v-240v-480v
Cylinders Two 4″ x 48″ stroke
Crushing Force 60,000 lbs

*Optional Motor 1 hp, single phase, 208v-230v

*Cycle time with optional 1 hp motor is 4 minutes

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