Oil Filter Baler Model SB-600 by OBERG® Filter Crushers


The Model SB-600 Oil Filter Baler is built for continual use by commercial processors of used oil filters. It is made to accommodate high volume processors and can process 17-19 drums per hour / continuous feeding. The SB-600 turns filters into tight, dense bricks that can be sold to a scrap metal dealer or given to a steel mill for recycling.


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Brick size (chambered) 6″W x 6″H x variable length (avg 15.6″)
Brick weight range 45-58 lbs. (avg 50 lbs)
Brick density range 128-148 lbs. / cu.ft.
Load opening 18″ x 20-1/2″ (+hopper to suit loading)
Brick cycle time Variable (avg. 57.5 seconds)
Throughput in tons 1.56 tons per hour
Throughput in drums 18.7 (55-gallon drums) per hour
Motor 50 HP
Line Power 480 VAC 60Hz. 30, across-the-line starting; other voltages at an upcharge
Hydraulic Pump 78 GPM + 6 GPM auxiliary
System Line Pressure 3000 maximum
Total Force 190,851 lbs
Platen Face Pressure 5,301 PSI
Cylinder(s) (2) 9″ x 34″ x 5″
Safety Shutdown Mushroom-headed emergency STOP
System Protection Electrical and mechanical, manual and auto
Fluid Reservoir 160 gallons; supplied with fluid & breather
Filtration Replaceable-cartridge filter & cleanliness indicator
Certification Listed to UL508A
Overall Length  13′ 3″ (11′ 6-1/2″ shipping length)
Overall Width 13′ 3″ (10′ 10-1/2″ shipping length)
Approx Ship Weight 17,000 lbs.
Shear Removable/flippable without disassembly
Sump 78 gallons (optional auto pump-out)
Serviceability All wear surfaces replaceable; top removes for easy access to internal moving parts

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