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Model P100WM

Automotive and Light Duty Oil Filter Crusher

Ideal for crushing automotive and light duty truck oil filters. It is designed to mount to a shop wall near the lube and waste oil areas. A threaded drain below the machine allows the waste oil to be plumbed into a drum or bulk tank

Popular Options
Heavy duty stand
50 Hz motor for international markets
Explosion-proofing (Class 1, Division 2)


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Electric/hydraulic – requires no shop air, is very quiet, and provides consistent crushing force

Crushes up to 5 automotive filters per cycle

8″ tall chamber will even accommodate the filters from the popular, Cummins and Powerstroke diesel-powered vehicles

Overall Height  35″
Overall Width 28″
Overall Depth 11″
Shipping Weight 400 lbs
Cycle Time 40 seconds
Cavity Size 9″w x 11″d x 8″h
Electrical 110 v., 15 amp dedicated
Crushing Force 31,416 lbs

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